10 Cute Dogs for Apartments or Condos

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2. Bichon Frise

This friendly, playful little dog is a favorite among small-dog enthusiasts. The Bichon is a loyal and happy dog with a medium energy level. Although many small dogs are known to be “yippy” barkers, the Bichon tends to fall on the lower end of the spectrum.

You will love the way your joyful Bichon runs to greet you when you come home to your apartment. Daily play sessions and walks should be enough to fulfill your Bichon’s exercise needs.

3. Bulldog

You may be surprised to see the Bulldog on this list, but the breed is actually ideal for apartment living. The Bulldog is medium in size and generally a quiet dog with a moderate level of energy. Regular exercise is necessary and beneficial, but the breed has a pretty low tolerance for exercise. A daily walk or two and some games are usually just enough.

Your Bulldog will be a loyal and jovial companion who will probably want to share the bed with you. Just make sure you don’t mind some snoring. It shouldn’t be enough to annoy your neighbors, but it might bug you if you’re a light sleeper! 

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