10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed (Much)

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Love dogs but not a fan of dog hair? All dogs shed their hair, but some shed more than others. In fact, any animal with hair will shed to some degree, even humans. Whether you just hate cleaning up dog hair, or you have allergies that get worse when lots of dog hair is around, you still have options when you decided to get a dog.

The rate of shedding in an animal comes down to the follicle type. A dog’s hair follicle determines the hair texture, length, and rate of growth/shedding. Most dogs that have low rates of shedding have the type of hair that grows long. These dogs may shed very little, but they often have special grooming needs. Many are small dog breeds, but there are still several low-shedding dogs in medium and large sizes.

Certain dog breeds shed at extremely low rates. Many of these breeds are also considered hypoallergenic. With a low-shedding dog breed, you can avoid having dog hair all over the house, the furniture, and your clothing. Just make sure you are willing to put in some extra effort for coat care. It’s also important to make sure the dog’s energy level and temperament are going to fit in with your household.

1. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a large sighthound known for its glamorous tresses and graceful agility. Despite its regal appearance, the Afghan actually has a silly and playful side. This breed is intensely loyal to loved ones. Regular exercise is important for the Afghan’s moderately high energy level.

That long silky hair requires a lot of careful attention in order to keep it healthy. Daily brushing is an absolute necessity. The coat should also be washed with shampoo and conditioner as needed. Some Afghan owners choose to keep their dogs’ coats trimmed short to minimize daily grooming needs.

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