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3. Call to Action

If you’re familiar with Unbounce, you can count on them to enlighten you on a thing or two about digital marketing. The company deals with improving bounce rates on landing  pages but their podcasts is a more holistic approach to the actual science of executing marketing campaigns to perfection. They frequently have guest speakers that too have some very unique perspectives on the industry.

4. Marketing School With Neil Patel

Neil Patel doesn’t even need an intro. His track record is exceptional having co-founded companies like QuickSprout, Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg and the author behind the well known Neil Patel blog. If you like reading his insights, you sure will get drawn into his discussions with Eric Siu who is a co-host in this podcast. This podcast is perfect if you’re really short on time because all you need is mere 10 minutes to listen to some actionable marketing tips and advice in 1 episode.

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