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I was never really one to procrastinate since I am a firm believer of the saying”先苦后甜”.

I think the phrase can be loosely translated into “No sweet without sweat” or “The bitter must come before the sweet”.

Well, you get the idea. Like, how can you sleep knowing that there’s still work to be done and money to be made? Call me a workaholic, but I believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of suffering.

As such, here are 10 tips and tricks to help you procrastinators get your lazy butt off that couch!

1) Get a calendar

Now, I may not be a procrastinator, but I am incredibly forgetful. Heck, you can tell me to dump the bag of rubbish on my way out and I’ll still walk out empty handed 5 minutes later.

I find that having a calendar helps a lot. Aside from reminding me the things I have to do, I can also see the number of incomplete tasks.

(Are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs?)

I’m fairly certain it’ll force you to start on something if you aren’t already working on something. Now, if the calendar method doesn’t work, no worries.

We still have 9 more tips to go!

2) Change where you work

Ever notice if your productivity is better when you’re at a certain location? Say, for example, doing your work in the office vs doing your work at home.

For me, my productivity tends to be better when I’m in an office setting. Without my bed and refrigerator to distract me, I can give my work 101% of my attention!

Try switching around if you are allowed to. Even changing a desk/cubicle at work might help too!

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