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10 Ways To Beat Procrastination And Get Things Done

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From time to time, even the most conscientious and productive professionals procrastinate. For some, pushing off a deadline is a rare and anxiety-inducing situation; other people thrive best under the pressure of waiting until the eleventh hour. However, when your tendency to procrastinate is starting to make your overall quality of work and life suffer, it’s time to do a reality check and break yourself of the habit.

Taking small steps toward better time management will help you reduce your procrastination tendencies and get you on track to get more done.

Members of Forbes Coaches Council share their insight.ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF FORBES COUNCILS MEMBERS.

1. Take The Smallest Step Possible

When you don’t feel motivated, take the smallest step possible toward your goal. After taking that step, you’re more likely to continue taking more steps toward that goal. Instead of telling yourself to workout for an hour, say you’ll go for 10 minutes. You naturally want to stay in the status quo. Taking a step bypasses that part of your brain that is alerted when you’re trying to make a change.

2. Identify A Positive Outcome From Your Action

To overcome your tendency to procrastinate, focus on what the reward is when you take action. This assumes the outcome is something you want. Be very selective about what you let into your experience and surround yourself with to keep your energy as clean as possible to achieve the goals you want.

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