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10 Ways To Beat Procrastination And Get Things Done

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 5. Understand The Underlying Reasons You’re Procrastinating

Become a detective or a scientist about your pattern of procrastinating by noticing your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and the situation when you feel like procrastinating. Write these down. Often perfectionism, which we may experience as anxiety, underlies the tendency to postpone action. Once you understand your pattern, you can hold yourself accountable in a positive and self-compassionate way.

6. Shut Off Your Phone And Set A Timer

Making it happen is literally as easy as setting an intention and then shutting off tempting interruptions. I broke this habit permanently 27 years ago through the simple act of putting up a do not disturb sign, shutting off my phone, and setting a reasonable time limit to prove I could do this. Remember, this is just another muscle you build so just set the scene to make focusing possible. 

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