11 Common Behaviors Cute Dogs Explained

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3. Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

Does your dog spin in circles chasing his tail? This is a common behavior in dogs. In some cases, tail-chasing is a natural, playful activity. However, excessive tail chasing can be a sign of a health or behavior problem.

If your dog is chewing at his tail when he catches it, then he might have a problem with his skin or anal glands. If the tail chasing is constant and intense, this may be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Yes, OCD affects dogs, though this is not especially common. Talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s tail chasing.

4. Why Do Dogs Bark, Howl or Bay?

Vocalization, especially barking, is a normal behavior in dogs. Some dogs vocalize more than others and for different reasons. Dogs may bark to communicate with humans and to express themselves. They may even bark, bay or howl to communicate with other dogs.

Barking is common when a dog senses danger. Howling often occurs when dogs hear other dogs howl or even similar noises like sirens. In ​general, this is a natural, instinctive behavior in dogs. Sometimes a dog’s breed will determine vocalization type (many hounds bay or howl, little dogs tend to yip; Basenjisgenerally cannot bark, etc.)

Excessive vocalization can be a sign of distress or boredom. Don’t ignore this type of barking. It could lead to barking as a behavior problem. However, you also do not want to reinforce the vocalization when it is excessive. Training can help with vocalization issues though you may need the help of a dog trainer when vocalization is a major problem.

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