11 Smarter Strategies for Procrastinators Who’ve Tried Everything Else

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Do you ever find yourself mindlessly browsing social media, not knowing how exactly you ended up there? Or perhaps you have a serious deadline looming ahead. You promise to buckle down and get to work, but 30 minutes later, you inevitably find yourself knee-deep in pages of unrelated Wikipedia entries. Those are pretty sure signs that your procrastination might have gotten out of hand—to the point of occurring on autopilot.

This isn’t to say that you haven’t tried to break this bad habit—because you certainly have. If it seems like nothing has been working for you until now, then we have good news: These are resources that provide practical steps to starting and finishing your tasks on time.

1. Procrastination is more of a mental block than it is anything else, so kick yourself into gear by giving yourself two minutes to start a task. You’d be surprised how much you can do after that. (James Clear)

2. Sometimes, a task just seems too giant to tackle all at once. Practical steps to solving this would include breaking it up into small steps or creating a detailed schedule for yourself. (Lifehack)

3. Not feeling motivated enough to make progress on your current project? Ask yourself this one magic question to change your perspective. (Inc)

4. It could be that putting things off has never led to terrible consequences for you. In that case, you might be too comfortable. (Greatist)

5. Curious to understand why you actually keep procrastinating? Maybe figuring out your own motivations will help you undo that nasty habit. (Wait But Why)

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