12 Facts About Cute Animal Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know

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If you think that you know absolutely everything about dogs, think again. Even though dogs have been living around us for a very long time, you might still find something surprising in this article. For example, did you know that a dog’s nose is not just sensitive to smell, it’s so unique and multi-functional that we can probably call it a built-in mini-computer?

1. Dogs did not originate from wolves

Believe it or not, modern wolves are not ancestors of dogs. Dogs originated from an entirely different species that disappeared thousands of years ago. Modern American and European wolves are only very distant relatives of dogs, despite the fact that their DNA matches by 99%.

2. Dogs are champions in a variety of sizes and shapes

Due to the breeding process, these days we have a huge variety of dog breeds with different colors, sizes, shapes, fur, and physical characteristics. The sheer number of dog breeds is larger than with any other mammal, domestic or wild. It is believed that there are more than 400 dog breeds in the world and this is actually just the best guesstimate since it’s constantly growing due to artificial selection.

There is, however, one limit to this variety. The physiology of all dogs, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, is based on the physiology of the ancient wolf.

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