21 Adorable Dogs That Fell Asleep In The Weirdest Places

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We often think that when we’re tired, we can fall asleep just about anywhere. Most of the time, this is true: who among us hasn’t accidentally taken a cat nap inside a movie theater or at our desks during a particularly long and boring afternoon at work?

Still, we may be a bit pickier than we want to think. Most people would almost certainly find it difficult to snooze for long in a public space or with our office phones ringing off the hook and disturbing our slumber!

If these photos are any indication, though, it would appear that, unlike their human counterparts, dogs are not picky. Like… at all. Believe it or not, they can sleep in some hilariously strange places! Just take a look…

1. This rescue puppy couldn’t help but fall asleep on top of all of these unsuspecting sheep. Honestly, can you blame him? Sheep are so soft and fluffy anyway, so who could say they wouldn’t snooze on one if they could?

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