21 Ways to Crush Your Procrastination

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How do you overcome procrastination?

We all have rituals, habits, and tricks that we use.

Today, I want to give you 21 ways to crush your procrastination.

Procrastination is a Habit

Procrastination is a bad habit.

And you can train yourself to overcome it.

Sometimes you just need a good start to get yourself going in the right direction.

Today, I want to give you some tips and tactics to overcome your procrastination.

Rituals and habits are good when dealing with procrastination.

They tell your mind and body that you are ready to work.

They can instantly turn on your creativity and energy.

By replacing your lollygagging and boondoggling ways with more action-oriented ones, you can banish procrastination.

How Do You Beat Procrastination?

Each person’s procrastination is different. You need to determine which methods work for you.

Here are 21 Ways That I Use to Crush My Procrastination:

1. Just Start… NOW.

Stop over-thinking. Stop waiting. Just do it now. Sometimes you need to jump right into the task even if you think you aren’t ready. A bumpy start is better than no start.

2. Turn Everything Off

Eliminate all distractions. Turn off your email app. Your phone ringer. Close your door to interruptions. Whatever it takes to give yourself quiet to work.

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