3 Morning Tricks You Need To Prevent Procrastination

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What can you do in the morning to be more productive as an entrepreneur?

1. Swallow Your Pride

For most, the psychological root of procrastination stems from a deep rooted fear. Take some time to chug a bottle of water and chant a few encouraging mantras to yourself to add an element of encouragement and positivity. I advise that you say a mantra and then sip some water. Do this until the bottle of water is done. The water instantly turns on your body’s switch and increases your level of alertness. Also, you’ll be less likely to stomp your toe on the edge of your bed if you do this. Metaphysics shows that water carries certain properties, so, speaking positive affirmations while drinking water can aid in emotional and spiritual balance. Now that’s what I call a “good morning sip.”

2. Put Some Feeling Behind It

If you wake up to the sound of an alarm you better turn it off with some passion. How we start our morning often determines our mindset for the rest of the day. If you know that life is not happening to you, it is responding to you- you’ll react to things differently. Therefore, when your alarm rings, automatically fast forward yourself to the thought of having an overly productive day and turn it off with some feeling.

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