4 Proven Steps to Stop Procrastination

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Step 2: Don’t Push Yourself for Procrastinating

Most people are stressed when they procrastinate. Don’t blame yourself for procrastinating; doing so will be more stressful for you. Don’t get mad at yourself. Instead, take a break from your daily routine, hang-out with friends, go to cinemas, or do something which will take you away from the stress.

Once you feel better, start focusing on the things that are still under your control. Instead of thinking, “I’ve wasted my time and now my work cannot be completed”, tell yourself, “I am going to make it because I still have time to complete my work.”

Step 3: Remove Distraction from Your Environment

It’s very common to use computers and mobile phones as a part of your work, as they help you in accomplishing your task. But, often people forget about their work, and start using computers and phones to access their social media profiles for entertainment.

Taking a break from your tiring work session is beneficial for you. But, if you are addicted to using social media, then you will start procrastinating because it’s natural tendency of our mind to choose pleasure over anything which is not pleasurable.

For example, students often need to study, which might be not enjoyable, for long hours for their test; they might choose more enjoyable things such as watching YouTube, accessing Facebook, Twitter, or chatting on WhatsApp.

If you cannot refrain yourself from using something that tempts you, then avoid keeping those thing at the same place where you study or work.

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