5 Bye-Bye Tactics To Combat Your Procrastination

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Take action on what you’ve been putting off with these 5 simple strategies

You happily decided to change your job, learn a new skill or even start a businessand, then suddenly this little voice inside you starts mumbling something like this:

…How am I gonna find this new job? It seems like the job market is horrible these days. I hate my job, but I guess it’s safer to stay where I’m for the moment…

…Learning ______ would mean waking up earlier to study in the morning or at night… And I should better forget about my social life for the next couple of months….I guess, I’ll take this course over summer I might have more time then…

…I’d love to have my own business, but do I really have what it takes? I’m really confused where to start.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Whenever we want to implement a meaningful change in our lives or learn a new skill and build a new habit around that – we hear the same doubtful voice of our internal procrastinator.

No worries, we all experience it. Even the most successful people have some things that they put off.

What I want to share with you are these 5 simple tactics that help me combating my internal procrastinator and that you can too start using as from today:

Tactic #1:  Break down your goal to the smallest actions possible.

Little action chunks will help your mind seeing your goal as achievable. Remember, starting small doesn’t mean that you’re thinking small.

Tactic #2:  Make it super specific and include the timeline.

Clarity is power. The clearer you are about your goal, the easier is for your mind to help you get there. Schedule your actions in the calendar to make it real.

Tactic #3:  Focus on most important piece of a puzzle.

Look at your list of small actions and then ask yourself this powerful question: Which one of these if I do would make all the rest easier or irrelevant? And start with this one.

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