5 Tips to Kick Procrastination

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Working with entrepreneurs, I often get questions from people about how to stop procrastinating. There are no simple answers because there are several reasons why you might procrastinate, and it is essential to understand the underlying energetic component and limiting beliefs if you want to resolve the issue.

First of all, procrastinating solves a problem:

It protects us from our fears.

We delay completing a project because we are afraid of facing failure.

We delay pursuing that business idea because we are afraid of facing criticism.

We delay working on the assignment because our perfectionism makes us afraid our work is not good enough.

Procrastination protects us from criticism, judgment, possible failure, or even from success. Procrastination keeps us safe from our fears.

So, before you can eliminate procrastination, you need to identify the specific fears that cause you to choose procrastination over your happiness, success, and abundance.

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