5 tips to overcome procrastination

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‘Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow.’ ‘Tomorrow is another day.’ And so on, and on… You’ve certainly heard these phrases and probably even used them yourselves. But do they even make sense?

As many as 1 in 5 adults (not just students) may be chronic procrastinators. But procrastination doesn’t necessarily equal lazy. Inaction is often caused by anxiety, fear of failure or unhealthy perfectionism.

How to overcome procrastination and get stuff done? Try these 5 methods to beat procrastination forever:

1. Know yourself

Understand how procrastination affects your life.

Think about the habits that often cause it.

Insight prevents you from feeling inadequate.

It will help you understand the cause of procrastination

2. Work in a productive environment

Choose wisely – where you work and with who.

Don’t study in places filled with distractions.

A calm and productive environment will help you to focus.

There should be no obstacles to studying.

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