8 Foods That Are Toxic to Pets (and Some Healthy Alternatives)

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Tips to make safe food choices for your pets

We have pets. So do our friends. This means that parties and gatherings often involve our pets. And, even though my friends know “the rules,” sometimes part of a potato chip has been stealthily offered, in answer to the woeful eyes of the 4-legged guests.

One potato chip isn’t going to hurt them, but there are plenty of other human foods that can. Here are some treats to avoid, all year round.

1. Grapes, Raisins, and Currants

These fruits are delicious, and many pets like them. They are also found in many baked goods, such as bread, rolls, and cookies – and pets usually love those kinds of foods.

  • These fruits cause sudden kidney failure in dogs and may cause kidney failure incats and ferrets as well.
  • While not all dogs or cats will develop kidney failure after eating grapesor raisins, it’s impossible to know which pets will be sensitive to this fruit.
  • Therefore, all pets (especially dogs) that ingest grapes, raisins or currants shouldbe monitored closely and treated appropriately.
  • If a small dog eats just a small number of grapes or raisins, this is considered an emergency.
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