9 Senior Dementia in Cute Dogs

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2. Pacing or Anxiousness

The loss of purposeful activity — pacing and wandering around the house, often anxious, with no other symptoms.

3. Loss of Housetraining

Canine seniors with dementia may forget about going outside to do their business as they always used to. A medical problem — urinary tract infection, gastrointestinal problems — must always be ruled out first before assuming it is a behavioral (dementia) problem.

Your dog may not be aware that they are ‘leaking,’ or may purposely seek out places to void in the house, unaware that this is not normal behavior.

4. Doesn’t Greet Family Members as Before

A dog with cognitive dysfunction often will not seek out human companionship, sometimes walking away while being petted. Also noted: no longer greets family members upon arrival.

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