Battling with procrastination? 6 tips on how to improve your productivity

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Make a sandwich with your least favourite tasks

We all have task which aren’t our favourite. So what do you do with them? Put them between tasks which you like doing. If you don’t like calling someone but you like to check your emails and you like to research a new method on how to do your job, then put the phone call between the two tasks. This will give you a positive mind set when you start the undesirable task and it will give you incentive to complete the task so you can do your next favourite task.

Break your tasks down to bite-size pieces

Sometimes our tasks can seem daunting, like climbing Table Mountain. But it is achievable if you take it in small hikes. Break the task into smaller tasks. Work on each task and as you go you will gather momentum and before you know it you will be on top of your tasks.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions feed your instant gratification mood of your brain. It is important to remove all forms of distractions while you work. You could disconnect the internet while you work if you don’t need access for your task. Put the websites tabs which lead to procrastination in a folder on your web browser which is difficult to reach so that you will think before you try to access them. If you work at home make sure you create a distraction-free workspace so that you can focus on creating your epic business.

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