How to end a lifetime of procrastination

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Making the change, getting yourself to take action.

Well then, you are changing how you look at what you have been looking at. You are now going to look at all the things that are left undone and get them done. Now let’s move on to the meat of the matter so you can figure out why you may be avoiding getting things done.

First of all, you may not truly need to get those things done. You may really want to just let them go. You can do that you know.

Second, you may not even want to get them done and in that case, you can let those go too.

Are you ready…

Here are a few ways for you to begin to change how you look at where you have been so you can get to where you are going:

Make a list of all the undone tasks. List out everything you have left undone. A few examples may be:

washing your interior car windshield

updating your monthly finances

paying your bills

calling a prospect

empty the shredder

give the dog a bath

make a dentist appointment

1. Put a star next to those that you deem important. 

Then go back over those and ask yourself, 1) do I need to do this and 2) do I want to do this? If you say no – you can delete or delegate it. If you say yes (and for the record your reason why you feel it is important has no bearing here) your next step is to do it, but first…

2. Ask yourself why you think you are avoiding this task.

This is where the beauty comes up. You will (more than likely) find that you immediately know the answer. Let’s take the example of washing the interior car windshield because it’s my challenge. I am avoiding this because it’s awkward to do, the windshield is pretty big and I can’t seem to get the bottom nor the sides well and end up seeing lots of streaks which I do not like.  Hence, I will drive around with a windshield that I can barely see out of (especially at night) because of my thoughts around it. Are you laughing yet? I can almost bet you that windshield will be clean by end of that day. Why?…

3. Once you know why you are avoiding a task, it’s no longer an obstacle.

It’s the knowing why that can get us moving, in a small or big way. I won’t go into breaking steps down here yet it’s key to do that for you to be successful in moving forward. My first step would be to get the supplies to clean the windshield and then I can begin that action.

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