Not bigger than me or how to beat procrastination

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Sketches, some easy going drafts, list of ideas, is like you are not doing anything yet, but actually this is the best and very important way  of giving shape of what you have to do. From there, anything can start with enthusiasm not heavily weighted fears.

Making it fun, easy going, like a game, creative mumbo jumbo is always helping. Like when we were kids, the best learning or doing chores, was when we were not even aware we are doing anything useful, we were just having fun.

Everyday practices or routines are inevitables. Doing dishes, shaving, laundry, shopping, going to work, talking to boring and annoying people, writing emails, cleaning of any kind, traffic jams, and so on…

To survive, find something that will be your reward,  every time you finish what you do not like doing. Something that makes you happy, that gives you pleasure. Like, when you drive the kids to school, take the way that you really like, because the best coffee is near.  After all day cleaning, order your favorite take away and watch a good movie. You have to schedule a meeting with an awful business partner, but afterwards, go for a drink with your friends.

That way, you have something looking forward and just like with a dog, you will be rewarded. Why not, it works like a charm!

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